Technical Writing

My background initially involved designing publications, as showcased in my design section, which has proven to be advantageous when it comes to software documentation. During my time at Villain, Dane Baker recommended that I read Joel on Software’s blog on documentation. From that point onward, I began assisting in writing software specifications for our games and proposing app projects. When I made the decision to return to school to study computer science, my ability to produce comprehensive documentation set me apart as the only student consistently doing so for projects. This skill proved particularly valuable when working on Human-Computer Interaction studies, which involved creating UX documents like personas and research reports. Post graduation I continued my learning by completing Pluralsight programs on documenting level design, game design, and software projects. Below, you will find a collection of samples in PDF format, ranging from reports and personas to design documents.


Document Links

Game Design Docs:
BrainGenix Mechanic Design Initial Report
Assessment of game story and solutions to converting chapters into gameplay 

BrainGenix LDD
Eternal Souls Quest 0 Level Design Document

BrainGenix GDD
Eternal Souls Game Design Document

Nori Process Book
Nori and the Curry Caper Senior Project Game Design Process Book

QA Docs:
BrainGenix QA Testplan:
Eternal Souls Test Plan

BrainGenix ERS Initial Usability Report:
ERS initial assessment of  game engine status to initialize planning features