Josh Coldiron

Designer/ and maker of stuff



I am a versatile creative professional who wears multiple hats – Designer, Artist, and Developer. I possess an insatiable curiosity and a drive to explore new mediums and push the boundaries of artistic expression.

My passion lies in visual mediums, where I strive to create engaging experiences that blend design aesthetics with seamless user interactions. I am particularly fascinated by the field of UX (User Experience) and am constantly seeking ways to enhance user engagement and satisfaction through innovative design approaches.

With a diverse background encompassing design, printing, and software development, I bring a unique perspective to my projects. I am committed to expanding my knowledge and skills within my fields of expertise, consistently seeking out new challenges and opportunities for growth.

While I initially embarked on a self-taught journey, I soon realized the value of broadening my horizons and gaining insights beyond my own perspective. This motivated me to pursue formal education, enrolling at Pellissippi State before transferring to the University of Tennessee. Eventually, I relocated to the St. Louis area, where I completed my BFA at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, complemented by a minor in computer science. This academic journey has provided me with a solid foundation and equipped me with the tools to delve deeper into my creative endeavors.

As I continue to evolve and learn, I invite you to stay tuned for updates on my latest projects. With each endeavor, I strive to push the boundaries of creativity and deliver compelling experiences that captivate and inspire.